Writing Articles in the Narrative Style

If you are a freelancer who has been contracted to provide articles in bulk (volume writing) for use on the Internet, you might like to change your style from time to time to keep your work fresh and appealing to a variety of readers. If you write under contract, you may have a specific checklist of requirements for each article. No matter how detailed that list, you can still provide articles that are actual but with a personalized appeal to the reader. Writing in the narrative style only requires that you phrase the material from a different angle.

So many times, when we are given a subject, a specified word count and even key words and phrases with a mandatory number of insertions, it seems we are given, there is no room left to ensure the work is creative, interesting or fun to write. If it is not creative, interesting and fun to write it will not be particularly appealing to many of your readers. So, take that same laundry list and make it more personal. Write your next article from a narrative perspective. You are not presuming to be an authority. You are simply communicating the idea or factual data to your reader in a conversational tone.

You've probably noticed that this article is clearly written in a conversational, narrative style. I want to convey to you that I am discussing material that I am familiar with and providing you with factual information. I simply do not want to present it impersonally. I want to share it with you. As a fellow writer, you are my peer. I do not doubt for a moment that you have advice I'd benefit from reading. I would, however, find it much more interesting if you wrote it from a personal perspective.

If we, as writers, prefer to learn about new ideas or the physical attributes of an item or the life of a celebrity in the narrative form, our readers will also enjoy the one-on-one style. Unless you actually profess to be an authority in an area where you are not, instead of sharing knowledge you have gleaned through legitimate research and study, then your writing in the first person or even third person can be acceptable and entertaining as well as informative.

So, the next time you are faced with a long list of things you have to include and your first instinct is to provide the information in a listing that is as dull as dirty laundry, stop. Take a minute to personalize the data and then share it as if you were discussing it with a friend. Citing sources, noting examples and even asserting your lack of personal experience in whatever field or area of ​​expertise you are discussing can be worked into the article without damaging your credibility or the viability of your factual information. You just need to keep it honest, and keep it personal. Then, your articles written in narrative style will offer you, and your readers, a break from the laundry list.