Website Design Styles – Part 1

There are many website design styles to choose from but discovering the style to best fit your plan is the key to success. A beginning website designer can sometimes start off in the wrong direction as he or she plans a website. At the core of the problem is a lack of knowledge about the kinds of websites you can build.

The first rule of thumb is to have a plan before you start any website because you are essentially building a business. You're building a website business unless you're building it for fun, and even still, the best approach is to treat it as a business. Once you have decided on the goal and purpose of your website, look for different website design styles to fulfill your mission.

Are you planning to build an e-commerce website and sell products? If so, study your competition like you would for any business. In each case you'll want to look at the page rank of your competition's website to see how long it will take to make a profit. By the way, SEO Quake is great for researching website page rank.

This style of web design is simply known as an e-commerce website. You will need a shopping cart to receive money from paying customers and a unique product that has not been installed in the market place. Good products still exist. Be sure your web host has a good reputation for technical support. It will come in handy when your website goes down and you need to know soon soon it will be back online.

If you're in the information business, you'll probably build an e-book style website. This style of website is usually designed around a product that you produce in the form of an e-book. It's filled with information about a subject you know a lot about and sold with the intent of improving someone's life style.

Your e-book will be digitally downloaded cutting out the cost of big time publishers and the printing press. EBooks are best sold through a company called ClickBank. Once your product is approved, ClickBank sets you up with your very own e-store.

This type of web design style requires a sales page that you will write or have outsourced. Your sales page should explain the benefits of buying your product instead of your competition. If you're planning on writing your own sales page, be sure to study other professionals that understand the art of writing a sales page. The page is generally written in a way that is not selling but, pointing out the benefits of the product and how it will improve someone's life.

This type of web business can be very lucrative if the sales page is written well and you have a good product. This style of website can be easily designed with one to eight pages that will include, about, privacy policy, disclosure, site map if necessary, thank you, if you're set up to capture emails and a disclaimer page if your product teachers others how to make money. The FTC requires that your website have a disclosure notice that informs your visitors of your websites true intentions.

The design is simple but the work that goes into the website is complex. One other benefit of this type of website is harnessing the power of affiliates to sell your e-book for you. Affiliates typically get paid after the sale of the e-book and refunds have been counted. Becoming an affiliate is a great way to share in the sales of a product.

My Top 5 Tips for choosing the best website design styles:

1. Create a website plan as if you were building a business

2. Know and understand the functionality of different website styles

3. Build your website around a subject you know a lot about.

4. Study your competitions page rank to strategize.

5. Abide by the search engine and FTC Rules for best optimization.