Men's Fashion Military Style

War. What is it good for?

Well nothing, actually.

But, it has given us some great fashion inspiration.

In today's modern society the military style has been taken, shaken and used to create top class styles and fashions across the UK and the US.

With all that's going on in the world the military trend could not be more present-day and that's why this look refuses to submit as it keeps evolving into new variations.

It all started in the 60's during the Vietnam war, protesters wore the army suits as a protest, following that The Beatles took this Sargent pepper style and showed up in colorful military style, which has been a recurring theme in rock and pop fashion.

In the 70's skin heads and punks returned to the less-glamorous army fatigues until combats rocked us into the 80's.

The classic film 'top gun' gave us the conclusion that all girls, love a man in uniform, Tom cruises air-force inspired aviators have been a massive style icon ever since, in fact purchases even doubled overnight after top-gun was released.

Bringing the style forwards to today, its used in pop / rock videos, catwalk, and fashion icons across the globe are flaunting their military look.

As it happens, unlike some fashions, this look very is different for everyone, wear it how you want to and go with it.

So all really is fair, in love and war.

Experts say, take what you have put it together and work the look because there is no 'set' way for this trend to be worn, it means you can experiment with confidence knowing that you cant go far wrong. Take into consideration that moderation is key – you would not want to end up like GI-Jo! (well, maybe you would !?)

Whatever look you create, keep soldiering on until you get it right!