Americana Style Apparel

Americana style of clothing for men referers to 1950's fashion combined with Ralph Lauren suits, nautical Touches, and deck shoes and ties. This trend started in 2006 and has been popular ever since. World-famous designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Jacobi Press, and Ralph Lauren embroidered the Americana style and this is evident in most of their designer lines. Celebrities as well as models from France, England, and Japan are often seen sporting this style. If you are a man or a woman buying clothes for her man, then you must know the guidelines when it comes to Americana style apparel.

Items such as Ray-Ban glasses, white or brown deck shoes, slim fit jeans, short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, form-fitting suits, striped wrist bands, and cloth belts belong to this category. Jackets usually worn by action stars and straw hats perfectly define Americana style clothing for men. You do not really have to buy in signature stores. You can actually get cool stuff from thrift stores or department stores. You may also check out online shops. You might even spot nice handmade items to wear. Plenty of online sellers make cloth belts, wrist bands, and shirts. You just need to keep an eye on great finds. Moreover, you can wear pants made of cotton or cotton-polyester blend. Denim is not your only option. You can also wear pants made of cotton-nylon blend and a polyester-viscose.

Remember that Americana style is all about comfort, regardless if the apparel is dressy or casual. Do not forget to wear comfortable underwear. Boxers, briefs, and long underwear made of organic cotton are your best choices. You must also choose accessories that will make you appear American. Get a bomber jacket and wear it with its collar up for the bad boy look; or wear it down to achieve the preppy look. On the other hand, if you want to look smart or intellectual, take off your Ray-Ban glasses and wear some Buddy Holly glasses. Michael Kors, a famous fashion designer combined a long-sleeved black and white shirt with a form-fitting suit in black. Then, he added a white belt to complete the Americana style outfit.

When it comes to Americana style hairdo, the textured pompadour must never be forgotten. Style your hair just like James Dean's. You may also try the slicked back and classic look. Sport a James Bond or a Sean Connery hairstyle. Just go to your local barber shop for the haircut. There is no need for fancy salons. Nonetheless, you may also try the short-permed wave. This Americana style will look good on you whether you are Caucasian or African American. Longish, wavy as well as crewcut hair are also fashionable for men.